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At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School our aim is to ensure all children from Pre-Kindergarten to Year Six reach their potential in Mathematics. Our programs are based on the WA Curriculum, CEWA Numeracy Position Statement and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our daily Mathematics blocks are structured, allowing the teacher to work at a whole class, small group and individual level. This enables the teacher to meet the differing needs within each class. Explicit teaching is integral in this curriculum area.

Number Talks are used as warmups across the school. These are short, 5–15 minute introductions that involve students mentally solving computational problems and talking about the strategies they have used. Number Talks are powerful tools for developing computational fluency and conceptual understanding at the same time.

During Mathematics lessons we aim to:

  • Engage students in rich and meaningful mathematics involving concrete materials and hands on learning experiences
  • Make mathematics real-life and linked to student experiences
  • Allow students to take risks, make errors and learn from their mistakes
  • Develop maths-specific language
  • Develop a multitude of problem-solving skills