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While all students are extended as required within the classroom setting, we also offer an Enrichment program for students in Years 3-6.

Our Enrichment group meets once every week to undertake long term tasks, with a focus on collaboration and creativity. 

Our Enrichment program is intentionally fluid in nature, with participating students changing termly based on a variety of factors. Our Enrichment teacher, together with classroom teachers, carefully selects Enrichment students taking into account such factors as student interests, school/community needs and student data. 

All students from Years 3-6 complete the Australian General Abilities Test (AGAT). This test offers valuable insights into students’ reasoning skills across five diverse strands – Abstract, Kinetic, Numerical, Spatial and Verbal. This data provides a comprehensive understanding of students’ general reasoning abilities. AGAT data is used to formulate Enrichment groups, alongside other school data and class teacher input. 

Some of the projects our Enrichment students have completed include: 

  • Catapult Creation (STEM) 
  • Write a Book in A Day (Literacy – Australian competition raising money for The Kids’ Cancer Project) 
  • Design a Currency (Mathematics)
  • Understanding the Human Brain (project based learning)