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Early Years Philosophy Statement


Early Years Philosophy Statement

At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, we believe that each child is valued as a sacred gift from God.

As Educators we reflect the life of Jesus as demonstrated through the Gospel values. In these early years, all experiences, including religious and spiritual, are critical as they impact on attitudes, behaviours and future outcomes in a child’s life. We Make Jesus Real through enacting the Gospel values in our daily interactions. The learning in the early years is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and Western Australian Curriculum, creating imaginative, confident and motivated learners 

Teaching and Learning

At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, we believe that each child is valued as a sacred gift from God.

Children initiate and lead their own learning based on their background, knowledge, ideas and interests. We provide a range of experiences for language, literacy, and numeracy by explicitly teaching pattern number, sound, letter symbol relationships, decoding skills and comprehension strategies required for successful learning. Educators cater for, and provide a range of opportunities that recognise each child’s individual learning style and needs, which embodies the spirit of Early Years Learning Framework. 

Personal Growth & Wellbeing

We recognise the need to develop resilience and provide opportunities and strategies to manage mistakes, solve problems, resolve conflict and express emotions to develop each child’s wellbeing.

We provide opportunities for children to self-reflect through Christian Meditation; by connecting with Jesus in their heart room.


We are committed to continuous growth and improvement of teaching and learning with regular review of practice and contemporary research.

Educators are deliberate, purposeful and reflective in their planning, documenting and evaluating of children’s learning.


Educators plan learning environments with differentiated levels of challenge where children are encouraged to investigate, experiment, and take appropriate risks in their learning.

We provide literacy and numeracy enriched environments. Learning experiences incorporate the indoor and outdoor surroundings to enhance the interests of the child, to further develop and promote their agency.