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At Our Lady Star of the Sea our uniform is a sign of our community. It reflects the school vision statement and goals.

Students wear a uniform:

  • to develop a sense of student unity, pride and loyalty to our school and to its vision.
  • to de-emphasise differences in appearance.
  • to focus on the real purpose of schooling i.e. the development of an individuality of intellect, imagination and personality.

It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that students are attired in correct, well fitting, complete school uniform. Uniforms must be in good condition and repair. Current uniform is to be worn therefore during school hours, and to and from school.

If some accident or difficulty prevents children from wearing correct uniform on any day, parents are required to send a note of explanation to the child’s class teacher. Class teachers will contact parents to follow up incorrect uniform wearing.

Summer Uniform

Year 1 to 6
Terms 1 & 4

Summer dress:

Blue knee length check school uniform dress, red school jumper, white school socks with stripe, black school shoes (flat-heeled leather or leather look-alike lace-up/velcro) or black/navy sandals and school hat.

Summer shorts:

Grey school shorts, short sleeve pale blue school shirt, red school jumper, short grey school socks with stripe and black school shoes (leather or leather look-alike lace-up/velcro) or black/navy sandals and school hat.

Winter Uniform

Year 1 to 6
Terms 2 & 3

Winter skirt:

Navy tartan knee length skirt, long or short sleeved pale blue school shirt, red school jumper, white school socks with stripe or navy tights, black school shoes (flat-heeled leather or leather look-alike laceup/velcro), school tie and school hat.

Winter trouser/shorts:

Long grey school trousers or grey school shorts, long or short sleeved pale blue school shirt, red school jumper, long grey school socks with stripe, black school shoes (leather or leather look-alike lace-up/velcro), school tie and school hat.

Sports Uniform

Pre-Primary to Yr 6

Navy school sport shorts, trackpants or skort, navy with white piping school polo shirt, navy school zip-up sports jacket, short plain white sports socks with sport shoes and school hat.

NOTE: The navy school zip-up jacket is for sport only.


Pre-Primary students wear the school sports uniform every day.

Kindy and Pre-Kindy

Uniform is not compulsory for Kindergarten or Pre-Kindy; however parents may wish to purchase an early learning polo for their child to wear to school.

Uniform Shop

The school has a uniform shop on site. Except for plain coloured faction tee shirts, sports socks, shoes and sandals, all other items are available from the uniform shop. There is also a selection of secondhand uniforms available too.

Uniform Shop Times

Wednesdays from 8.30-9.00am & 2.30-3.30pm

Please see front office during these times or to arrange a time that suits.

Important Information

Please Note

  • Formal uniform must be worn on all formal occasions in accordance with Summer/Winter uniform requirements. e.g. Music Festival, School Photos etc.
  • The Year 6 School Leavers polo may be worn on sports days.
  • Wet weather jackets may be worn to and from school (only over school jumpers) and at recess and lunch time when the weather is particularly wintry. Coats are hung on hooks outside children’s classroom during class time.

Sun Hats

  • The children must wear their school uniform hat throughout the year and during all outdoor activities in Winter and Summer.
  • The school has a “No Hat – No Sun” procedure.


  • Hair must be clean, brushed and kept off the face – this includes fringes being out of eyes, for male and female students.
  • Hair must be completely tied back if it is longer than the collar with a plain blue, black, red, white or uniform material scrunchy, ribbon or headband.
  • Parents are asked to regularly check their child/children’s hair to prevent lice infestation.
  • Nail polish on fingernails or toenails is not permitted.


  • A simple gold/silver chain with Christian symbol only – to be worn inside shirt/dress.
  • The wearing of rings, bracelets, bangles and other jewellery is not permitted.
  • A Medic Alert bracelet/necklace is permitted, and the school must be notified of the child/children’s medical condition.
  • A maximum one plain gold/silver keeper or plain gold/silver stud per ear lobe (i.e. a pair) may be worn. No Gemstones. (No other part of the ear may be pierced.)

NOTE: The school will not accept responsibility for jewellery items or other personal belongings.