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Mr Shaw's News


We have had a new student join our Year 5 class. I welcome Marcos and his family to our school community.


Thank you to Sid and Paige from Pre-Primary for showing me their excellence in action. The Pre-Primaries were practising letter writing in an attempt to convince Mr P and Year 5 to join them in a buddy class session.


The school has operated a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iPad program for almost ten years. It is important that practices are reflected on and refined accordingly, in order to provide the best possible opportunities for our students. 

We formed our ICT and Digital Learning Strategy towards the end of 2021, working with the Digital Learning team from Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA). This has seen a number of goals achieved, including: 

  • The provision of a MacBook to all full-time teachers 
  • A new staff photocopier 
  • The appointment and development of a Digital Learning Lead Teacher to build capacity in staff
  • Greater integration of ICT to enhance and redefine learning
  • Students using ICT for collaboration and creativity, rather than consumption
  • The purchase of additional robotics 

We are now in the position to achieve another goal in this space, as we begin to phase out our Year 4-6 BYOD program, beginning with Year Four in 2024. We will move from a BYOD model to a leasing model, with parents paying for the use of an iPad in a 1:1 environment, as well as associated benefits. These are outlined below: 

  • Use of an iPad, case, AppleCare+ insurance, support, and access to a Logitech crayon for three years 
  • Parents will not need to purchase an iPad for their child, they will pay for use of the iPad and associated benefits at a competitive rate 
  • Parents and caregivers will no longer have to pay for or manage apps. The school will purchase required school apps and push these out to student iPads 
  • All students will have equitable access, with all students being issued with the same device and correct apps

Moving forward, when students enter Year Four, they will benefit from this remodelled 1:1 iPad program. CEWA have approved an increase to our Technology Levy to cover the costs associated with the program. Further information regarding this levy increase is provided in the School Fees 2024 section of this newsletter. Parents of Year Four students in 2024 have been advised of this via email. 


Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) have recommended a 0% increase to our tuition fees for 2024. We have acted on this recommendation, with our tuition fees to remain the same in 2024. 

With CEWA’s approval and the support of our School Advisory Council, we have increased our Technology and Incursion/Excursion levies next year. The information below provides further information regarding these increases. 


Our Faction Athletics Carnival took place on Friday 10 November. This was a great display of our CORE Values, with students striving for Excellence and showing great Respect to others throughout the day. Our parents enjoyed a coffee trackside, thanks to the New Moon Van. A big thank you to Mr Pat McCarthy for his organisation of this event. 


I congratulate our Year Three students on their First Reconciliation, which took place on Saturday 11 November. Thank you to Miss Janica Sell for preparing our students. 


Mr Ian Puzon is assisting our Year Five students as they prepare speeches for Year Six leadership positions. Students wishing to nominate for School Captain and/or Faction Captain positions will deliver their speeches on Friday 24 November at 9:00am. Students from Years 3-5, as well as staff, will then have the opportunity to vote for our two School Captains and three Faction Captains for 2024. We believe that all Year Six students are leaders of the school. Those not elected to formal leadership positions will form our Making Jesus Real (MJR) Ministry and Environmental Ministry in 2024. This is an exciting time for our Year Five students! 


We look forward to our Move-Up Morning on Friday 24 November 2023. This has become an exciting event in the school calendar over the last two years, as students move up to their 2024 classroom with their 2024 teacher/s. Students will meet in the hall where class teachers for 2024 will be announced. Students will then move to their new classroom to complete an activity and begin building relationships with their 2024 teacher/s. Parents will receive an email soon after Move-Up Morning, advising class teacher placements for 2024. 


Our Annual Community Meeting will take place on Monday 27 November, beginning at 5:00pm. Please come along as we celebrate all we have achieved this year and look forward to 2024. Reports from the School Advisory Council and P & F Committee will be presented, along with my report. We will begin with drinks and snacks outside the library at 5:00pm, before moving into the library to begin our ACM at 5:30pm.


Our annual Christmas Concert & CORE Awards evening takes place on Tuesday 5 December. All students are to be in class at 5:15pm, ready to walk to the hall as a class to begin at 5:30pm. CORE Awards for all year groups will be presented at the conclusion of our Christmas Concert. I look forward to seeing you there. 


Our Graduation & Thanksgiving Mass will take place on Thursday 7 December at 9:00am. This is an opportunity to farewell our Year Six graduates and give thanks as a school community for the 2023 school year. 


Our teachers are busy preparing End of Year Reports, which will be available via SEQTA Engage on Friday 8 December. Please take the time to read through your child’s report, celebrating their achievements and acknowledging areas for growth. Please see Mrs Russell’s section of this newsletter for important additional information regarding reporting. 


We still have enrolments coming in for 2024! If you know of someone considering a quality Catholic education for their child in any year group, please invite them to contact the school for a chat or school tour. Offers for Pre-Kindy have been sent to families are we have a strong waitlist for a possible additional day. 

Mrs Russell's News


In the spirit of Advent and preparing our hearts for Jesus this year, our school community along with our Parish community are collecting non-perishable food items to be distributed to local charity Esperance Care Services.  We are seeking donations of:

  • Canned meat, canned beef stew, canned chili, canned Soup, canned fish tuna 
  • Spreads, canned fruits, canned vegetables, juices, pasta sauce, jam, flour, cereal
  • Baking mix, cereal, pasta, rice, noodles, sugar
  • Powdered milk, shelf stable milk, evaporated milk.

All donations can be dropped off at the school office until Friday 8 December or to the children’s classrooms. Thank you for helping to Make Jesus Real in our school community. 


This report provides parents with an overview of how their child has progressed, across the entire year, in relation to the end of year Achievement Standard for each learning area for their year level. The grade provided is based on the curriculum which has been taught and assessed across the entire year, not just Semester Two.  

Understanding the Grading System – Pre-Primary 


The student demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for this year level.  

The student demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for this year level. 

 The student demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for this year level. 

 The student demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for this year level. 

 The student demonstrates very low achievement of what is expected for this year level.  

The descriptors summarise the standard (or quality) of achievement associated with each level. The scale describes the depth of knowledge and understanding and the range of skills that students typically show.  

Maintaining a level in a learning area from one semester to the next is an indication of positive achievement and expected development. 

 A child who is on an Individual Education Plan will have progress reported against learning outcomes outlined in the Individual Education Plan. 

Understanding the Grading System – Years 1 – 6 


A The student demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for this year level. 

B The student demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for this year level. 

C The student demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for this year level. 

D The student demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for this year level.  

E The student demonstrates very low achievement of what is expected for this year level.  

The A – E grade scale summarises the standard of achievement associated with each learning area. The scale describes the depth of knowledge, understandings and skills that children working at that standard typically show.

If your child receives a ‘C’ grade, they are achieving at the required level for their year. 

Maintaining a grade in a learning area from one semester to the next is an indication of positive achievement and expected development.  

A child who is on an Individual Education Plan will have progress reported against learning outcomes outlined in the Individual Education Plan – not using A-E grades. 

Is a ‘C’ grade good? 

Yes, you should celebrate C grades as this indicates that your child has progressed to the desired level of understanding for his/her year level. 

 Is a ‘C’ grade just a pass like when I was at school 

No, a C grade today, is the expected Achievement Standard for each year level and each learning area.  

Does an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade mean my child is working a year or two above their current grade? 

No, an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade means that your child is responding to the content taught to a deeper level. They may be thinking more critically about the content, which is a wonderful skill to demonstrate.  

How are final grades determined?  

Teachers collect numerous samples of work and assessments to determine the final grade. The grade is determined with the use of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s (SCSA) Judging Standards. For more information on this go to 

We hope this information assists you to understand the reporting process at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your child’s teacher. 


Parents new to our school will receive a welcome email from SEQTA (check your junk mail) next week inviting you to create a login to SEQTA Engage, you have one week to action this.  Once you have created your login and password you will have access to SEQTA Engage.  On Friday 8 December the school reports will be available for you to view through SEQTA Engage. Please ensure you have followed the steps to login to your SEQTA account or you will be unable to view your child’s report.   


The Pre-Primary class have been working towards their reading and writing fluency of tricky words. We have been practising through games and various writing tasks and challenges.

Year One

In Health, the Year Ones have been learning about how unique and different we all are! This week we explored personal qualities and the students were asked to identify some positive personal qualities that they have. They then drew and painted a self portrait of themselves, writing some of these personal qualities around their portrait.

Year Five

It has been a busy start to the final term of 2024. The Year 5 students have been learning about balancing equations and how we can apply a variety of different strategies to solve the unknown. We have also been hard at work on our leadership speeches making sure we understand what is required to create a good speech that appeals to an audience  We can’t wait to show everyone how hard we have been working on them next Friday.

Faction Athletics Carnival

The sun was shining, the coffee was pumping and our school was having a lot of fun at the Faction Athletics Carnival on Friday 10 November. Participation and encouragement were bountiful and lead to some new records being made. All of our students should be proud of their efforts at the faction carnival, for giving it a go and trying their best. Congratulations to Salvator for winning the Faction Athletics Carnival and to MacKillop faction for displaying wonderful spirit during the day.

A huge thank you to the many parents and helpers on the day which made the day run like clockwork and wouldn’t have been possible without you.


In Drama this term, students in Pre-Primary to Year Six have been getting creative with a variety of improvisation activities and challenges. Improvisation encourages students to think on their feet, foster teamwork, and build confidence in their artistic expression. It has been wonderful to witness their growth and enthusiasm in embracing new characters and scenarios. 

“I like how creative we can be with the game Space Jump, which gets us to change the scene and improvise” – Patrick, Year 6 

“I like how we’re always hands on in the activities. My favourite game is Splat because it’s hands on and challenging” – Spencer, Year 5 

P & F News

We’d love to help celebrate the end of a wonderful year at OLSOTS with a fun afternoon of dancing and games! Our P & F team will be cooking up a sausage sizzle lunch for staff and students on the last day of Term, Friday 8 December,  followed by a Christmas themed disco in the afternoon. Thank you for your support of P & F initiatives this year, we have loved to be able to give back to the school community!

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