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Mr Shaw's News


I am delighted to announce that a second day of Pre-Kindy will begin on Monday 17 July. This class will be taught by Mrs Lorna Russell, with Mrs Leia Brennand as the Education Assistant. Leia will continue as the Education Assistant for the Tuesday Pre-Kindy group. 


Today our staff are engaged in a Professional Development day focusing on Literacy. I am leading staff through a book club session, as we unpack Reading for Life by Lyn Stone and discuss how the information from this text impacts teaching practice. It is important that we take time to consult research on best practice and reflect on current teaching pedagogy. Our newly appointed Literacy Leader, Mrs Laura Connolly, is leading two sessions looking at Daily Reviews. This high impact teaching strategy consolidates students’ understanding and develops their fluency in essential understandings for literacy and numeracy sessions. It also ensures that students have the prerequisite skills for the day’s lesson.


After an informative visit from Catholic Schools Parents Western Australia (CSPWA), we look forward to our next P & F Meeting on Friday 16 June. This will take place straight after the Year 5 assembly, in the Science Lab, commencing at approximately 9:45am. The P & F are interested in exploring the initiative of Class Representatives, to assist the P & F Committee and work in partnership with the school. This would see one or two parents from each year group take on the Class Representative role, with no expectation of attending P & F meetings – although they would be more than welcome to do so! If you are interested in hearing about this initiative, as well as other great things happening in our school, please come along to our P & F meeting. 


Did you know that Triple P Positive Parenting Program courses are now available for free online? Triple P draws on social learning, cognitive behavioural and developmental theory, and research about social and behavioural problems in children. After doing the right Triple P program to meet their needs, families are better able to be self-sufficient and able to manage issues without ongoing support. More information can be found here 

Mrs Russell's News

We celebrated the Solemnity of Our Lady Help of Christians on Wednesday the 24 May. Fr Paul celebrated the Mass with us, which was also a very special occasion for Fr Paul, his 20th anniversary of his ordination. Wilani, from our making Jesus Real (MJR) Ministry Group, presented Fr Paul with a card and gift from the school. After recess the feast day celebrations continued with buddy activities and tabloid sports afternoon.


Casuals for CatholicCare: Prayer  

Dear Lord, help me to live your goodness and kindness each day.  

Remind me that my actions and words express who I am.  

May I love as you love. 

 Let me be good to those who wish me harm,  

forgive those who need forgiveness and reach out in kindness to all I meet 

so they can experience the unconditional love of God. 


On our Feast Day we raised $151.90 for CatholicCare. Thank You!!! 


Project Compassion Lent 2023 raised $160.05. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this cause during Lent.  


The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (the national data collection) is an annual collection that counts the number of school students receiving an adjustment due to disability and the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.  For more information regarding the NCCD data follow the link below  




In Kindergarten we have been learning to recognise numbers from 0 to 10 and order them. Some of us can even tell you which number comes before and after. We have a bunch of math whizz kids in our class.


The Pre-Primary children have read the book Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel this term. They have been investigating turning used household items into something new. Firstly they created a recycling station in the classroom. They brought in various items, such as cereal boxes and cardboard tubes. Then students drew a plan of what they would like to create from the recycled items. Finally, they had a Michael Recycle day and made their new creations.  These creations include Meave’s farm, Anja’s tower, Sid’s tractor and spreader, Sophia’s farm, Paige’s dog, Mila’s flower house, Lily’s city, Yana’s tower and Cyrus’  playground.

Year One

In Digital Technologies we have been learning all about algorithms! We learnt that algorithms are sets of instructions that can be used to program computers. We then had a go at making our own algorithms using coding cards. We used the cards to make an algorithm for our friends to follow and then had fun testing them out!

Year Two

Edible Algorithms 

In Digital Technologies, the Year Two students have been learning about algorithms and how they can be used within the design process. To demonstrate their skills, students designed a self-portrait biscuit, wrote an algorithm explaining how to make their biscuits and after creating them, reflected on the accuracy of their algorithms! 

Year Three & Four

On Wednesday 24 May, the Year 3/4 class participated in National Simultaneous Storytime. At the same time as many other children around Australia, we read The Speedy Sloth, by Rebecca Young. After discussing the main idea of the story, we completed our own book reviews!

Year Five

The Year 5 class have been looking at adding and subtracting fractions as part of our Mathematics block. We definitely have a better understanding after using bread to represent our fractions!

Year Six

This term the Year Sixes have been working to improve their narrative writing through the use of imagery and figurative language. Following on from reading The Speedy Sloth as part of National Simultaneous Storytime, the Year Sixes were tasked with creating their own picture book to share with the Pre-Primary and Year One classes.

Drama Incursion

On Thursday 1 June, students from Kindy to Year 6 attended Scott’s BMX Trick Show; an exciting, fun, whimsical, and highly skilful family show that told the story of how Scott was given his first bike; asking himself “Is there another way to ride it?” It taught us all about the importance of perseverance and exploring new possibilities.


The first unit of Enrichment for 2023 concluded on Monday with students sharing their learning about the human brain. The Enrichment students each set up a station in the library to present their findings. Over the course of the afternoon they were visited by fellow students, their teachers and some parents. It was wonderful to see the different and creative ways that the Enrichment students communicated what they had learnt over the course of the unit. The engagement of all involved in the afternoon was a credit to the efforts of the students. 


We have completed week four of rugby with Dan Behsman from Esperance Rugby Club. Students are improving rapidly and are enjoying games of touch rugby.Seek out Esperance Rugby Club to attend social games for all ages!

P & F News

It was great to have Nicole from CSPWA visit our school on Tuesday and meet with members of our P & F Committee in the morning, and some parents at the afternoon session. She provided a lot of helpful information on the role of P & F groups within schools, how the new Terms of Reference affect our operation and loads of wonderful ideas!


If you’d like to learn more about the P & F, please see this page on the school’s website, and feel free to reach out to me directly for more information or email


Tash McCarthyP & F Chair

Community Notices