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Mr Shaw's News


Today we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians – this is also our school Feast Day. After joining together as a Catholic community for Mass, students engaged in a range of buddy activities, focusing on Our Lady and our school. The day finished with a fun afternoon of tabloid sports, led by our Year Six leaders. This is always a special day on the school calendar, as we celebrate Our Lady and our wonderful school.  


Our URSTRONG online workshop, The Language of Friendship took place yesterday. This provided a great opportunity for parents and children to engage in focused conversations from the comfort of their lounge room. I extend a thank you to all who attended this important workshop, which complemented the work being done in class through the URSTRONG Friendology 101 curriculum. 


I wish to advise parents that we are considering phasing out our formal school uniform, currently worn two days each week, and moving to our sport uniform for all students, Pre-Primary to Year Six, Monday to Friday. The sport uniform may include a faction shirt, being predominately red (Salvator), blue (MacKillop) or yellow (Xavier), to be worn on the day of Physical Education lessons, as well as carnivals. This will give our factions greater prominence outside carnival days and complement our Faction Token whole-school reward system. 

A number of factors have led to this consideration, including:  

  • Suitability of uniform for physical activities 
  • Student comfort when learning 
  • Affordability for families 
  • Stock ordering processes 
  • The recent introduction of new sports shorts and a skort option 
  • Student voice 

The move to wearing a sport uniform every day of the school week has overwhelming support from staff, students and key parent groups – our School Advisory Council and P & F Committee. 

The timeline for this proposed change is listed below: 

  • Friday 24 May 2024 – feedback window opens for parents and caregivers 
  • Friday 31 May 2024 – feedback window closes for parents and caregivers 
  • Friday 14 June 2024 – parent community advised of outcome via school newsletter 
  • Semester Two 2024 – phase-out period for formal uniform 
  • Term One 2025 – all students to be wearing sport uniform Monday – Friday 

If you have any feedback on this proposal, please email this to by Friday 31 May 2024.  


I take this opportunity to remind parents and caregivers of the importance of attending school, unless sick or unwell. School is compulsory for children from Pre-Primary and any absences need to be explained in writing and approved by the school.  

Research shows that school attendance is strongly related to increased academic achievement. School attendance provides students with opportunities to develop social competence and relationships, be in a language-rich environment, work with others, and learn skills like problem-solving and persistence (Kearney & Graczyk, 2014).  

School non-attendance can negatively impact students’ academic achievement in the current year but can also impact subsequent years. Non-attendance can also be linked to increased social isolation for the student.  

Please ensure students are kept home if unwell, but attend school otherwise.  


We look forward to our Faction Cross Country event, taking place on Wednesday 12 June from 1:15 – 2:45pm, for Pre-Primary to Year Six. Please see the message from Ms Anna Swan (Physical Education Teacher) within this newsletter.


Our P & F Committee invite you along as we meet on Monday 24 June at 5:00pm. This meeting will take place in the Science Lab. Please consider coming along to support our P & F as we discuss great opportunities for our school community. 


We continue to offer in-term swimming for students in Pre-Primary to Year Six. This year lessons will take place at the end of Term Two, lessening the impact on the educational program – our core business. Please ensure that students come to school prepared with all they need during the swimming lesson period. Sport uniform can be worn all week during swimming lessons. Our Faction Swimming Carnival takes place on Friday 28 June, for Years 3-6. More information regarding this will be shared in due course. 


Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to recognise and celebrate our teachers who represent excellence in their teaching career through the National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA). Please go to for more information regarding the simple nomination process. 

Mrs Russell's News


Dear Lord, help me to live your goodness and kindness each day.  

Remind me that my actions and words express who I am.  

May I love as you love. 

 Let me be good to those who wish me harm,  

forgive those who need forgiveness and reach out in kindness to all I meet 

so they can experience the unconditional love of God. 



On our Feast Day we raised $150.05 for CatholicCare.  Thank You!!!


As part of the Sacramental program for the children who will be receiving Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Conformation this year, there are some important family meetings with Fr Paul. Parents and Caregivers of sacramental students are asked to attend the following Sunday Mass where Fr Paul will discuss with the families how to best prepare their children to receive the sacraments.  

Sunday 21 July – Mass and Sacramental parent workshop at 9:00am, in the Church

The Sacramental Workshop run by Mildred Rego will be in Term Three, Tuesday 17 September 


The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data [NCCD] on school students with Disability (the national data collection) is an annual collection that counts the number of school students receiving an adjustment due to disability and the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.  For more information regarding the NCCD data follow the link below  



We are thrilled to share some wonderful news from our Kindergarten classroom! Our young learners have embarked on an exciting pre-literacy journey with the ‘Peggy Lego’ program. Our sessions have kicked off with a flying start and students are engaged with fun songs and physical actions. Each lesson supports the development of both large muscle groups (gross motor skills) and small muscle control (fine motor skills). These patterns are connected in class to form letters, such as those in their own names, and progressing to constructing simple words.


It’s been an exciting time in our Pre-Kindy classroom as our little learners have been busy discovering the magic of using words to express their needs, emotions and ideas. Communication is a key foundation at this stage, and we are thrilled to witness their growth in expressing themselves through language and play. One of the highlights has been our focus on sharing and social skills, especially when it comes to taking turns during playtime. We’ve been practising this important concept through various activities that engage our students and promote interaction.

Year 4/5

This term the Year 4/5 students have been learning all about The First Fleet. We explored what life was like in Britain in the 1700s and the reasons why a penal colony was needed in Australia. Students explored an online database of those convicts aboard The First Fleet. They then researched them and created an identification card for a convict of their choice. Our assembly in Week 5 showcased our classes acting and singing skills as we followed the journey of the convicts from their sentence to arriving in Botany Bay. Students also heard stories of the Aboriginal perspective and researched the impact of colonisation had on their lives. Their final writing piece for this unit will be writing a letter from the perspective of a member of the First Fleet to a loved one back in England.

Performing Arts

Students are enjoying active and creative Dance lessons. Each class has their own focus and are working cooperatively to create dance phrases that reflect the stimulus that is provided in their lessons. Students are becoming familiar with the elements of dance (body, energy, space and time) and how the elements can be used to choreograph dances. Watch the video for a snippet of what each class has been up to this term.

In-Term Swimming, Faction Swimming Carnival & Faction Cross Country


Swimming lessons will be for the last two weeks of Term 2, from Monday 17 June until Thursday 27 June for all students from Pre-Primary to Year 6. Students are to wear sport uniform every day during swimming lessons and bring the following items:

  • Bathers to put on at school
  • Towels (x2)
  • Goggles (if required)
  • Thongs/sliders can be worn to/from swimming but students must wear running shoes to school and outside of lesson times

We will then hold our Faction Swimming Carnival on Friday 28 June, from 10.45am, for students in Years 3 to 6. We would love for you to join us for the swimming carnival and support our kids as they try their best.


We have been working hard on our running skills and finding ways to make it fun and accessible to everyone. Please come and join us for our Faction Cross Country on Wednesday 12 June, from 1.15pm. Running is something that we can take with us as we get older and use it for stress management, increasing endorphins and feeling strong. Come and cheer on our kids and help cultivate their passion for running and healthy movement.

P & F News


Please join us on Monday 24 June at 5 pm in the Science Lab for our next meeting.

Community Notices

Kidsafe WA Resource Launch: A Parent’s Guide to Backyard Play

Kidsafe WA with the support of the Department of Health WA are excited to launch their latest resource A Parent’s Guide to Backyard Play. This guide provides parents and carers with information on common injuries that can happen to children in the backyard, and how to create backyard play environments that are safe and fun for everyone.

This resource provides parents and carers with practical safety tips to reduce the risk of injury to children in the backyard. Topics include common play equipment such as slides, swings, monkey bars and trampolines, along with other backyard hazards including garage and shed safety, poisonous plants, water safety and animal safety.

For more information and to download your copy visit:

To learn more about the latest guide, join Kidsafe WA for its upcoming webinar, A Parent’s Guide to Backyard Play: Nature Play and Safe Backyards. This interactive webinar outlines easy and practical ways to incorporate Nature Play into your backyard, as well as simple tips to keep your backyard safe for young children.

Time: 10am-11am AWST
Date: 12/06/24
Where: Teams

Triple P free online parent workshops

Facilitated by school psychologist consultants with the Triple P and Child and Parent Centre teams. The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program gives parents and carers ideas and strategies to help their child develop the skills and behaviours they need for a healthy childhood. To learn more about Triple P, visit the Education in WA website.

    • Tuesday 28 May 7 – 9:30pm – Fear-Less: Supporting children with anxiety (6-14 years)
    • Tuesday 4 June 8 – 10:00pm – Learning to cooperate (2-5 years)
    • Tuesday 11 June 7 – 9:00pm – Promoting digital wellbeing (10-16 years)
    • Tuesday 18 June 7 – 9:00pm – Raising responsible teenagers (10-16 years).

Registration is required and will close 24 hours before the scheduled workshop. Triple P recommend downloading the Webex app ahead of the workshop.