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Mrs Russell's News

Welcome back from the holiday break. I trust your holidays were restful and that you are all ready for another busy term here at Our Lady Star of the Sea. We welcome Amaeley (Yr 3) , Amersyn (Yr 1) and their family to our school community this term. 

May the Month of Our Lady 

 Hail Mary, full of grace. 

The Lord is with thee. 

 Blessed art thou amongst women, 

 and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. 

 Holy Mary, Mother of God, 

 pray for us sinners, 

 now and at the hour of our death. 


Mother’s Day Breakfast:

We look forward to hosting our Mother’s Day breakfast again this year. This event will take place on Friday 12 of May. All mothers and mother figures are welcome to attend. Our breakfast will be held in Koortoomitji from 7:30 am. This year we will serve croissants for the adults and toast for the children. Please complete the Form to register your attendance for this event by Tueaday 9 May.  The Year One class will lead the school in a Prayer Assembly at 9:00 am after breakfast, you are invited to stay for this event too.

Caritas Box:  

Spanning across the six weeks of Lent each year, Project Compassion brings thousands of Australian schools, parishes and supporters together to raise funds for people living in some of the most vulnerable communities across the world.  

Your generous support can help change lives today – and For All Future Generations. 

If you still have a Lent Project Compassion Caritas box at home, please return it to the school office as soon as possible, so all our donations can be sent to help those in need.  

 2022 Sacramental Dates 

  • Tuesday 12 September – Sacramental Workshop with Mildred Rego 
    • Holy Communion 
    • Confirmation 
  • Sunday 17 September – First Holy Communion 
  • Sunday 22nd October – Confirmation 
  • Saturday 11th November @2pm  – Sacrament of Reconciliation  

School Mass 

This year our school feast day will be on Wednesday 24 May. This is the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians. There will be lots of fun activities planned for the day. 

We will start with a special Our Lady Help of Christians Mass in the morning at 9:00 am. Later in the day, we will have whole school buddy time. After lunch, there will be a sports afternoon. 

Students can dress casually on Feast day for a gold coin donation to CatholicCare.

Staff Professional Development Day

On Monday 24 April our staff engaged in a Professional Development Day facilitated by Rebecca Laird, Digital Learning Consultant from CEWA.  Staff looked at different ways to incorporate technology as a creative learning tool. Staff reviewed the Digital Technologies Curriculum, looked at different digital tools and workflow as well as exploring programming and robotics. This learning will be integrated into classroom teaching practices throughout the year.

ANZAC Day Service 

As ANZAC Day occurred at the end of the school holidays, our school community stopped on Friday 28 April for a moment of reflection. Thank you to our Year 6 students who led this special service with reverence and respect. On ANZAC Day Dalian and Patrick, our school captains, represented our school at the ANZAC Day Memorial Service in Esperance. They participated in the march through the streets of Esperance, laid a wreath at the memorial site and participated in the 11 am ceremony. 

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (the national data collection) is an annual collection that counts the number of school students receiving an adjustment due to disability and the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.  For more information regarding the NCCD data follow the link below  


School Photo Day

A reminder that our school photo day is on Tuesday 9 May (Pre-Kindy, Pre-Primary to Year 6) and Wednesday 10 May (Kindy). Please have your child in correct Winter Formal Uniform, including red jumper, for Years 1 – 6 and correct Sports Uniform for Pre-Primary. Uniform expectation.


In Pre-Kindy we have been developing our fine motor skills, enjoying dramatic play in the new pizza shop. We have been creating pizzas with play dough, operating the cash register and offering very friendly service.


In Kindy we have been busy making our pizza shop. Be sure to pop into Kindy and enjoy our warm hospitality and delicious pizzas at Good Pizza.


The Pre-Primary class began the term learning about ANZAC Day by reading ANZAC Ted and creating their own soldier bear with poppies, in remembrance of the soldiers who went to war for our country. This aligns with our History topic, as we begin to explore the old and new and how things have changed over time.

Year One

In Maths we have been learning how to skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. This week we decided to practice skip counting using our bodies. We drew our own hopscotch courses and counted aloud as we hopped.

Year Two

This term we have been busy investigating the link between arrays, multiplication and repeated addition. We have used all sorts of materials to build arrays in class and during Investigation Time. We are now solving a real-world problem for a fruit shop owner, helping them to decide on the best way to display the lemons in the shop.

Year Three & Four

We are having lots of fun exploring 3D shapes this week in Year 3 / 4. After looking at the features of 3D objects students were given the task of creating their own 3D Prisms using pop sticks, paper and sticky tape. We then discussed the number of faces, edges, and vertices that each of our shapes contained. We can’t wait to see what Professor Dede and his Dimensionator asks us to create next!

Year Five

It has been a quick start to Term 2 in the Year 5 class with students reflecting on and acknowledging the history and importance of ANZAC day. Students have also been applying their knowledge of Perimeter and Area to real life landscapes using Google Earth. Finding out the exact measurements of famous icons such as the Eiffel Tower or the area of Western Australia.

Year Six

The Year Sixes have been learning about using adjectives in their writing to build imagery. They completed an activity in pairs designed to use new and interesting vocabulary through the use of word posters and thesauruses. For those wondering, lackadaisical means very boring or not interesting!!

LOTE: Auslan

During Auslan we have begun exploring the importance of how we re-create signs and the different parameters used when signing. These can be remembered as HOLME-Handshape, Orientation, Location, Movement and Expression. We looked at the different signs we know and what handshapes they use as well as seeing how a sign can provide a different meaning if we don’t follow HOLME through a game of ‘secret message’.


Sport in Week 2 was Golf with Jordan from GolfWA!It was the first time playing golf for many kids and they had a great time. We scored perfect weather and had a very relaxing day!There is some “give it a go” style clinics on this weekend for adults and juniors. See the attached info in Community Notices for details.


During the school holidays our Years 3/4 students had their art pieces on display at the Cannery. As part of the Sixteen Legs exhibition the students drew spiders with charcoal.


Our PP/1 classes had lots of fun in Science this week planting a variety of vegetables. We learnt about the parts of a plant and what our plants will need to survive! We are looking forward to making some tasty treats with our harvest! A big thank you to Dee from Bunnings who helped on the day and donated all of the equipment!

Community Notices