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Mr Shaw's News


We welcome Matilda (PK) and Paige (PK) and their families to our school community! 


Parents and caregivers received an email last week advising that our new website has been launched. Please see your email for further information regarding our new website and the new absentee process. I trust you will enjoy looking through our new website!  


Our QCESR took place in Term Four 2022, with a panel visiting the school 25 – 28 October. This process comprised of two parts, the school improvement context, and the principal leadership process. The panel engaged in feedback conversations with staff, students, Fr Paul and parent groups (School Advisory Council and Parents & Friends). Reports were received later in Term Four. The feedback received was very affirming and a great celebration of our work and achievements over the last 18 months. We are blessed to have dedicated and passionate staff who lead from where they stand and work together for the benefit of our students.  

I provide parents and caregivers with the following statements, taken from our QCESR report: 

  • It is clear that the leadership team works well together to drive school improvement and works collaboratively with other staff to ensure shared accountability.  
  • It is evident that the Catholic faith permeates each of the Quality Catholic Education (QCE) pillars and all aspects of life at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School.  
  • Decisions are Christ-centred, evidence-based and place the child as the focus. Staff expressed that there is a collaborative culture and that they are involved in decision-making.  
  • Teaching staff articulated how a data-driven focus has enabled a whole-school language of growth.  
  • Religious Education is promoted as the first learning area and there is a clear commitment to promoting quality teaching and learning.  
  • The focus on developing good digital pedagogy across all subject areas has been identified as a priority and the school has made significant efforts to transform the way digital technology is used as a creative learning tool.  
  • There is a sense that teachers know the students, pastorally and academically, and all groups feel that inclusivity at the school is a major strength.  
  • Students articulated that they feel safe at school and felt comfortable asking a teacher if they needed support.  
  • Parents and caregivers feel that they are well informed, that there is a positive school culture, and that they and their children are enriched by their experiences at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School.  
  • Parents spoke highly of the trusting and respectful working relationship between parents and educators.  
  • The Leadership Team has strategically focused on building the capacity of the staff through a strong mentor program and the development of intentional resources such as the staff handbook.  
  • The students expressed their pride in the new playground and the opportunity to brainstorm their ideas with the principal.  


Our first assembly for 2023 took place on Friday, presented by our Year Two class. Our Year Two students shared their learning about families and they sung a beautiful song about God’s family. Well done to our Year Two students, Mrs Connolly and Mrs Maguire. I would also like to congratulate our Year Six leaders who led the assembly for the first time. Each Year Six student had an important part to play, whether leading the assembly or presenting a ministry report.  


Harmony Week takes place in WA 15 – 21 March 2023, with Harmony Day taking place Tuesday 21 March. Harmony Week is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our community. 

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world and we should celebrate this and work to maintain it. 

Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values. 

Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Week. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. 

Students and staff are welcome to wear something orange on Tuesday 21 March to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia. Please note, this is not a general free dress day – students are welcome to wear something orange with their school uniform (e.g. shirt, shorts, socks, hair tie). Students will also engage in a Harmony Week activity during the week. 


Our Year 3 and Year 5 students sit NAPLAN assessments over the next two weeks. NAPLAN testing is taking place in Term One this year instead of Term Two, allowing schools to receive data earlier. As we do with all assessment data, we will examine NAPLAN data as a staff. We use student data from a wide range of sources to better understand trends, areas of strength and areas for further development.  


Please note that our Term Four Professional Development Day, originally scheduled for Friday 14 October, will now take place on Friday 20 October (Term Four, Week Two). This is the first day of the Esperance Show. This change of date has been reflected on our website. 


We take enrolments for any year group at any point throughout the school year. Our Pre-Kindy program for 2023 currently has a waitlist and we have already received interest for 2024. I encourage families interested in Pre-Kindy for this year to place their name on the waitlist, as there is a strong possibility that we may offer a second day later this year. 


As we move into the second half of Term One, we ask all parents and caregivers to ensure that the school has current student and family details. If your details have changed, please inform Pippa or Tammie immediately via email ( This could include your email address, phone numbers, residential address or authorised emergency contacts (two people other than parents/caregivers). 


The Health Care Card Discount Scheme provides an automatic fee concession for the holders of eligible means tested family concession cards. This discount applies across Kindergarten – Year Six. Please ensure Tammie is provided with a copy of your current Health Care Card.  

Mrs Russell's News


Students in Years 3 and 5 will be sitting the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy tests (NAPLAN). NAPLAN will be conducted from Wednesday 15 March to Monday 27 March 2023. Please put these dates in your calendar.  A flyer explaining NAPLAN testing has already been sent to relevant families. Please be sure to have a look at the information contained there. Further information about NAPLAN in WA can be accessed on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website at 




Pre-Primary students start each morning with an affirmation chant. The class worked together to create this chant and actions. We began by learning about the four CORE values we share within our school and added our own ‘I am’ afterwards. It is a great way to remind ourselves of our value and strength as an individual. Click on the following link to view our fabulous video PP Affirmations

Thank you to Dixon Construction for donating some Junior Trades PPE. With the construction in full swing around the school the Pre-Primary and Kindy students have been showing a strong interest in what and how they build different things. Following the student’s enquiries, we have been able to set up our very own safe construction site thanks to Dixon Construction and Bunnings to explore and learn through hands on investigating. Keep an eye out for the future builders of Esperance.

Year One

In Year One, we have been loving our explicit InitiaLit sessions! This week we have been practising our tricky words, learning how to write super sentences and exploring new focus digraph sounds. We always love when we get to practise what we have learnt during our writing sessions and literacy investigations!

Year Two

As part of our Health program, students in Year 2 researched information about other cultures. After sharing some interesting facts, we identified how they are similar and different to our own culture.

Year Three & Four

We have been enjoying our class sport sessions in Year 3/4 this term. We have been learning a new game called kickball where students have been practising their kicking, throwing and catching. Check out our awesome skills by clicking on the link Year 3/4 Sport

Year Five

We have been developing our persuasive arguments in Year 5 recently. Highlighting key facts on how to convince the masses that we have the correct point of view. Our favourite strategy is rebuttal or counter-argument. We have also been taking our time to learn about certain virtues such as temperance and justice to help create a unique coat of arms.

Year Six

Each day as part of our Numeracy sessions, the Year Sixes complete an Esti-Mystery where they are given a picture of objects, posed with the task of finding out how many are in the jar/container. In the completion of these tasks students must use their knowledge of factors, multiples, prime and square numbers, odds and evens and the four operations to work through a number of clues, leading them to two possibilities. This week students decided to use their understanding of these mathematical areas to come up with their own Esti-Mystery for the class to later solve, starting with a collection of objects and coming up with their own clues.

Art: Sixteen Legs Exhibition

The Year 3/4 class are going to the Sixteen Legs exhibition at the Cannery on Tuesday 14 March. Our contribution to the excursion is some artwork inspired by the spider theme. We decided to do big A2 cave spiders using charcoal!Be sure to get down to the exhibition. It is a great display!


Our Environmental Ministry have begun the year by looking at the waste we create in our lunchboxes and ultimately our school grounds. We have identified that chip packets, cling wrap and plastic lunch bags create a large amount of waste in our school. Our “chip packet snake” is now over 7m long! Some great ways to reduce this waste and make your lunchbox litterless include;
  • using beeswax wraps and reusable containers
  • buying your chips and snacks in bulk and bringing them to school in reusable containers
On Friday March 10 our Year 6 students participated in Clean Up Australia which is a nation wide event held each March. The Ministers saw the event as a great way to inspire their peers to think about their rubbish by cleaning up an area that is special to them.
We collected over 33 chip packets, and 128 items of soft plastics and food wrapping in half an hour! Let’s work together as a school community to reduce this waste and choose more sustainable options that are better for our environment.

P & F News

Our P & F held their first meeting of the year on Friday. It was wonderful to welcome some new faces, both on our committee and as general members. There are lots of great ideas and projects to focus on for 2023 as we support the school and our students. We’re always keen to keep growing the group, so if you’d like to learn more about what we do, or put your hand up to help out (even if for just one event!), please reach out to us

We would love you to join us for our first social event of the year – a casual afternoon at Lucky Bay Brewing. Our Meet and Mingle will be on from 3pm on Sunday 26th March. Enjoy some locally crafted beers, delicious food and set the kids free on the lawn while you relax and catch up with the OLSOTS staff, welcome new families and engage with our school community. Expressions of interest in attending would be appreciated so we can amend our booking accordingly. Please use the form here (Mix and Mingle Form) to RSVP by 23rd March.

Hands up who loves chocolate? Luckily for all the fellow sweet-tooth, the Easter Raffle is back! The P & F are requesting Easter eggs, whether large, small, character eggs, or allergen friendly to contribute to the prize pool. Please send your donations along to school with your children. Donations need to be sent in by Monday 3 April. Your family’s allocation of tickets will be sent home within then next week, with all tickets and funds to be returned by Tuesday 4 April.

Community Notices

The Dental Therapy Centre will only be open Monday – Thursday until further notice.

If any children require urgent care on a Friday please refer them to a private dentist or have them attend the Esperance Hospital.

Esperance Dental Therapy Centre

C/ Esperance Primary School, Windich Street Esperance W.A. 6450

T: (08) 90711781

E: Susan.