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Mr Shaw's News


Welcome to the new school year! One of the many things I love about working in education is that we have the unique opportunity for a fresh start at the beginning of each school year. It has been wonderful seeing students settled and ready for learning during our first few weeks of school. Establishing routines and relationships early in the school year is imperative for meaningful learning to take place. I thank our staff for their collective effort in preparing for the new school year.  

We welcome new students and families to our school community this year. Our youngest students, in Pre-Kindy, had their first day of school last week. While some students were returning to Pre-Kindy for 2024, we also have Hudson, Lil, Hayden, Amalia, Adrian, Frank, Elsie, Carter, Healy, Joseph, Gabrielle, Andi and Taj join us this year. We also welcome Addison and Kipp to our Kindergarten class. 

We welcome Hannah Starcevich (Year 4/5 Teacher), Kara Auricht (Pre-Primary Co-Teacher), Anna Swan (Physical Education and Visual Art Teacher), Gayle Berg (Pre-Primary Education Assistant) and Donna Edwards (Kindergarten Education Assistant) to our school community. 


Please come along to our coffee catch-up on Friday 23 February, 7:30 – 9:00am in the Koortoomitji space. Every parent and staff member will be given a free coffee, thanks to our P & F Committee. I hope to see you there! 


The following school improvements took place over the school holiday break: 

  • Installation of new carpet in Years 3 and 4/5 
  • Repainting of Performing Arts room 
  • External painting as part of our annual painting plan 
  • Basketball court line marking 
  • Installation of new alarm system 
  • Ordering new perimeter fencing to replace our cream fencing, soon to be installed 
  • Ordering of new classroom chairs for Years 3-6 and the Science Lab, soon to arrive 

I thank our Grounds team, Sonya Lawry and David Eltringham, for the work undertaken over the school holiday break. 


Our Year Six leaders were presented with their badges on Tuesday. These were blessed by Fr Paul. We believe in a distributive leadership structure at OLSOTS, with all Year Six students holding a leadership position. We look forward to seeing our School Captains, Faction Captains and Ministers shine in their leadership roles this year. 


Classroom teachers uploaded Parent Information Presentations for 2024 to Seesaw on Monday, along with Term One Curriculum Updates. Please take the time to read through this important information, if you have not yet done so. 


Thank you to our Year Six students for leading our Ash Wednesday Mass this week, marking the beginning of Lent. 


A big congratulations to Lorna Russell (Assistant Principal), Laura Connolly (Literacy Leader) and Erin Tyrrell (Early Career Teacher Mentor & Leader of Wellbeing), who have been selected to participate in Catholic Education WA leadership programs this year!  

Mrs Russell will participate in the Senior Leaders Program, while Mrs Connolly and Mrs Tyrrell will be part of the Middle Leaders Program. Entry to these system level programs is highly competitive – to have three staff selected from our school is a great achievement! 


As emailed to parents recently, students are now expected to be wearing full summer uniform, as listed in our Uniform Expectations. Teachers have been asked to follow up with parents regarding children wearing the incorrect uniform. 


As we begin the new school year, I remind our parents and caregivers of the following school procedures: 

School Hours: Classroom doors open at 8:30am, with formal instruction beginning at 8:45am. It is important that students arrive to begin their day at 8:30am, not before. Arriving at 8:30am allows students to settle in, engage in morning activities and be ready for the day. Students are to be collected between 3:00 – 3:15pm. 

Communication: Direct communication with teachers is to be via email, rather than Seesaw. Your child’s teacher’s email address is (e.g. As has been the case at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School for the last three years, teachers have two business days in which to reply to emails and are not expected to respond outside school hours. Teachers do not check their emails during teaching time as their focus is on the students. Please contact the office directly if your matter is of an urgent nature. 

Absences: Explanations regarding absenteeism are to be submitted via our online Absentee Form. 

Concerns: The first person to speak to regarding any concerns about your child is always their class teacher. If further discussion is required, please make an appointment to see Lorna Russell (Assistant Principal) or myself. 

Medical: If your child requires prescription medication during school hours, parents and caregivers are to ensure that the school is provided with written documentation from the doctor, outlining dosage and administration requirements. As the school is responsible for students during the school day a written note from parents does not suffice. If circumstances change, the medical advice from the doctor must be updated. Please ensure that medication is provided in the original packaging. 


We take enrolments for any year group at any point throughout the school year. Our Pre-Kindy program for 2024 currently has a waitlist and we have already received interest for the next few years. I encourage families interested in Pre-Kindy for this year to place their name on the waitlist, as there is a strong possibility that we may offer a second day.    


The Health Care Card Discount Scheme provides an automatic fee concession for the holders of eligible means tested family concession cards. This discount applies from Kindergarten to Year Six. Please ensure Tammie is provided with a copy of your current Health Care Card.  

Mrs Russell's News


On Wednesday we celebrated Ash Wednesday to mark the commencement of Lent. Lent is a very special time when we reflect on ways, we can become closer to Jesus. Thank you to the Year Six students for leading this Mass.  


Jesus teaches us about the importance of prayer. Jesus prays many times in the Gospels; he models prayer for us today. In the gospels, Jesus prays frequently, in the morning and at night. He prays during critical events in his life, and he prays before ministering to people in need. Lent calls us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. 

During Lent we are also encouraged to fast or give up something during this time. By fasting we make a sacrifice: the thing we choose to give up might be something we really like.  This can also remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice when he died on the cross for us. 


  1. Fast from Hurting Words and say Kind words. 
  2. Fast from Sadness and be filled with Gratitude. 
  3. Fast from Anger and be filled with Patience. 
  4. Fast from Pessimism and be filled with Hope. 
  5. Fast from Worries and Trust in God. 
  6. Fast from Complaints and contemplate Simplicity. 
  7. Fast from Pressures and be Prayerful. 
  8. Fast from Bitterness and fill your heart with Joy. 
  9. Fast from Selfishness and be Compassionate to others. 
  10. Fast from Grudges and be Reconciled. 
  11. Fast from Words and be Silent so you can listen. 


Project Compassion was launched online on Tuesday 13 February in schools and communities. Project Compassion is Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten Appeal which funds the continuing work of Caritas Australia in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and Australian Indigenous communities. This year, Project Compassion’s theme is ‘For All Future Generations’. It throws a spotlight on global food issues and how Caritas Australia is empowering the world’s poorest people to establish sustainable food sources. Project Compassion is an opportunity to share what we have with those who have less. 


Sacramental Enrolment Mass will be on Sunday 25 February at 9am.  All children who will be receiving a Sacrament this year must attend.  Class Teachers of the students in Sacramental years handed out the enrolment letter on Monday 5 February. Catholic children in Year Three can receive First Reconciliation, children in Year Four receive First Communion and children in Year Six Confirmation. Please contact your class teacher if you have any questions.    


  • Sunday 18 March – Commissioning Mass @9am
  • Sunday 25 February – Sacramental Enrolment Mass @9am
  • Tuesday 17 September – Sacramental Workshop with Mildred Rego 
    • Holy Communion
    • Confirmation
  • Saturday 12 October @ 2pm – Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Sunday 27 October – Confirmation @9am
  • Sunday 10 November – First Holy Communion @9am


Students in Years 3 and 5 will be sitting the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy tests (NAPLAN). NAPLAN will be conducted from Wednesday 13 March to Monday 25 March 2024. Please put these dates in your calendar.  A flyer explaining NAPLAN testing has already been sent to relevant families. Please be sure to have a look at the information contained there. Further information about NAPLAN in WA can be accessed on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website at .


The Pre-Primary students have been working hard on learning the routines of Pre-Primary. From investigating the different learning areas to practising being at church and walking through the school to specialist learning areas such as Art, or Science. We have started the year off with a lot of laughter and memories already.

Years One & Two

The Year 1/2 class have had a fantastic start to our school year engaging in a variety of fun activities during Investigation Time. We have completed artwork about our families, joined in family imaginative play games, built houses with blocks, ordered numbers, learnt facts about shapes and created raindrop art to help us remember our friends of 10 addition facts.

P & F News

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